October 2013

  1. #28 - FDC Caps or Plugs | What Are My Options?

    #28 - FDC Caps or Plugs | What Are My Options?
    FDC Caps or Plugs protect Fire Department Connections (FDCs) from dirt, dust, and debris so they're fully functional in an emergency. Learn about this product here!
  2. #27 - What is a Recessed Fire Extinguisher Cabinet?

    A recessed fire extinguisher cabinet is found in commercial or industrial buildings and is fully recessed into a wall. Learn more about this product and the Strike First model we carry at QRFS.
  3. #26 - Why are College Students NOT Protected from Fire in Dorm Rooms Across America?

    If colleges bring in over $360 Billion dollars in revenue annually and over 3,000 fires are started in college housing in that same time period, how much of their revenue should be dedicated to ensuring students are adequately protected from fire? You don't need to know Calculus to understand the benefits - just read today's blog!
  4. #25 - 2013 National Fire Prevention Week: QRFS' Top 15 Tips for Preventing Kitchen Fires

    Welcome to National Fire Prevention Week 2013! In honor of this safety campaign we've compiled our top 15 tips for preventing kitchen fires.
  5. #24 - What is a Semi-Recessed Fire Extinguisher Cabinet?

    You've heard of the product, now learn what sets a semi-recessed fire extinguisher cabinet apart from surface and fully recessed.

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